Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Can Wal-Mart Become the Good Guys?

In yesterday's Financial Times there is a report entitled Wal-Mart Picks a Shade of Green

Jonathan Birchell reports,

"What if we used our size and resource to make this country and this earth an even better place for all of us?" asked Mr Scott, as he announced targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cutting waste. He also committed the company to working with its suppliers to promote good environmental practices.

"That speech was the single most groundbreaking speech from the CEO of a major US company on the environment that I have ever heard," says oneleading US environmental activist.

This company has "customer-first" in it's DNA. In the 20th century "low prices everyday" was enough. A single focus and flawless execution wins.

When Wal-Mart starts changing it's tune, and presumably it's operational focus, something big is going on.