Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Old is News

Join Wawa!:
"Simplifying our customers' daily lives

Wawa's vision is 'to simplify our customers' daily lives.'

To achieve this, we hire the best people, build world-class facilities and provide an overpowering offer.

Now, while all of these things are important to our success, the number one reason our customers 'gottahava Wawa' is the special relationship our associates have with our customers. A relationship built on the 'Wawa Values' each associate lives every day. Our values are: Value People, Delight Customers, Embrace Change, Do Things Right, Do the Right Thing and Passion for Winning.

At Wawa, every customer is a valued friend who is always welcomed back with a warm smile and a friendly greeting.

When we talk to our customers, they tell us they like to shop at Wawa because our associates like each other and work together as a team and because our associates always include them as part of our store family.
The 'Cheers' of Convenience Stores

Wawa has been called the 'Cheers' of convenience stores by our loyal customers -because we are a friendly neighborhood store where everybody knows your name. A place where you can see familiar faces, a place where you can leave your worries behind for a few minutes each day.

We all live in a hectic world - too much to do - not enough time - Our associates attempt to simplify our customers' life and make their day just a little bit better, from a fresh cup of coffee - to a great tasting hoagie a friendly smile .... to making a new friend - the effort and personal connection with our customers is what makes Wawa so special.

No matter what an associate's job at Wawa is, the number one goal will always be the same, to simplify our customer's life by fulfilling this goal, each and every day, creating an atmosphere of trust, friendship and brand loyalty that few companies can match.

To our customers, our associates are Wawa."

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