Friday, December 08, 2006 / Companies / US & Canada - Google outlines BSkyB thinking / Companies / US & Canada - Google outlines BSkyB thinking: "Google outlines BSkyB thinking

By Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnsonin London

Published: December 8 2006 02:00 | Last updated: December 8 2006 02:00

Can James Murdoch create a British YouTube? This week's British Sky Broadcasting alliance with Google covered many areas, from putting e-mail accounts on the Google Mail platform to exploring ways of taking Google's online ad model to TV viewers.

The partners' plan to collaborate on a Sky-branded user-generated video portal was the first such licensing of Google's technology, which has been greatly enhanced by its $1.65bn acquisition of the YouTube video sharing site in October. But it may also offer BSkyB new opportunities to exploit its premium content.

Plans to organise the portal, expected to be called Skycast, into themed areas will allow it to appeal to specific groups of sports and film fans, rather than the general audiences drawn to Google Video and YouTube.


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