Saturday, November 01, 2008

'There is no growth in Western Europe,'

Reckitt Benckiser Posts 10% Gain in Organic Sales - Advertising Age - News: "But good news for Reckitt isn't necessarily good for competitors. Chairman-CEO Bart Becht said on a conference call that the company's gains in Western Europe and North America came on flat volume and sales.

'There is no growth in Western Europe,' Mr. Becht said of Reckitt's household, personal-care and over-the-counter drug businesses there, adding the same assessment of the U.S. 'The strength of the growth on a global basis is coming out of Eastern Europe and the developing markets, which are growing in the teens [percentage growth].'

Overall, he said global growth in Reckitt's categories slowed by about a percentage point compared with last quarter."

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