Thursday, January 22, 2009

Google Reports Inauguration Day Searches

read at InformationWeek:
"'During the last nine years, the growth of the Internet has changed the way the world seeks information,' they observe. 'From President Bush's first inaugural address in 2001 to his second in 2005, the number of inauguration-related searches increased by more than a factor of 10. From 2005 to today's address, the number grew even more.'

Equally significant, if not more so for traditional media organizations, is the extent to which Google has become the TV Guide of the Internet. 'Few of the 2001 queries requested 'video,' and none requested streaming,' write Oldham and Leach. 'By 2005, a few queries such as 'inauguration audio' and 'streaming video of inauguration' appeared. Today, technology has become so prevalent that queries such as 'YouTube live inauguration,' 'live blogging inauguration,' 'inaugural podcast,' and 'Obama inaugural speech mp3' formed one-third of all inauguration-related queries.'"

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