Saturday, January 31, 2009

� More traces of GDrive popping up | Googling Google |

@ More traces of GDrive popping up | Googling Google | "
Traces of GDrive have been extremely difficult, or impossible, to find in the wild — until recently that is. This higher rate of GDrive related discoveries tells me that the service is sure to be a released as a real product at some point, hopefully soon."
Time to buy umbrellas for the Google Cloud?


Filip said...

Hi. Just to let you know, I work for We offer easy and secure file sharing, wherever you are. Being online is not required. I read your post on Google's GDrive with great interest and just wanted to add NomaDesk to the mix in this discussion.
NomaDesk has already been on the market for some time, and we offer similar features geared specifically towards the need of the "digital nomad". We are convinced that the more data gets synchronized, the more likely it gets compromised. Therefore, NomaDesk includes an encrypted virtual drive that keeps your files securely available off-line and remote file shredding and IP-tracking with TheftGuard. Of course, we impose no limits on storage and bandwidth. A Mac version is on its way.


I would appreciate your review.

dr droock said...

Just took a look. Here's my 2 cents. Nice website. Good tone of voice (for me.)Information clear, happy and direct.

Threading the needle between security and ease of use is going to be the crux of the matter. For organizations that are driven by security it looks like you have something worth a second look.

2 issues for me:
1.After my quick glance it seems like something has to be downloaded. For the world of SMB and prosumers, that's a huge hurdle.

2. Why should I trust your servers more than Google's servers? Over a certain level of security, say educational records or serious consulting with priveleged sensitive information, private is probably the way to go. But the cost of change in those outfits is going to be high.

For prosumers and SMB's competing with free or Google priced is a hard one.

dr droock said...

"what I would do" (the province of semi-retired bloggers)

Make a deal with Google to do some kind of special secure part of the cloud, optimized for the really risk averse user. Then sell those users the link into that secure area.