Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interbrand Names Wal-Mart Top Retail Brand

read more at Brandweek:
"Low prices trumped panache as big-box stores crowded out department stores in Interbrand Design Forum's first ever survey of the top 50 retail brands.

In the report, released today, the New York branding agency named Wal-Mart to the top of the list. Best Buy, The Home Depot, Target and CVS rounded out the top five.

Among the study's inaugural findings: The best retail brands have a clearly defined purpose, 'surround the purchase with a relevant experience,' 'make good on the brand promise' and maintain a consistent brand quality and shopping experience over time. Moreover, the presence of such e-commerce retailers such as eBay (No. 11) and Amazon (No. 14) illustrates that the scope of retail brands is no longer defined by a purely brick-and-mortar"

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