Monday, January 12, 2009

World's largest retailer gives us a small-mart | Cincinnati Enquirer | Cincinnati.Com

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Out of the titan discounter's more than 3,300 stores worldwide, it has chosen this location to test a new retail strategy of shrinking inventory and the size of its supercenters to generate more sales per square foot - a key retail measure - while maintaining its appeal as a one-stop shopping destination.

Once a massive, 220,000-square-foot store on Smiley Road near Interstate 275 and Winton Road, the Walmart was remodeled and shrunk by 93,000 square feet late last year, reopening in November.

Like no other Walmart in the world, the smaller store has a new color scheme, wider aisles, lower shelving, 'green' lighting, unobstructed views and a renovated pharmacy and restrooms."

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