Sunday, January 04, 2009

Wal-Mart's New Enemies

read more at Associated Content:
. . .the company from Bentonville, Arkansas, has decided to ban products from two Latin-American countries: Cuba and Venezuela. The former has to do with the embargo that the United States has on Cuba. The US prohibits American companies from trading with Cuba; and since Wal-Mart is opening up new stores in Chile, they are obligated by American law to stop importing these goods. The problem with Venezuela seems to be produced by the many Hugo Chavez' anti-American speeches. Because of this US . . . there will be an overall of forty-two affected products from this country alone.
. . .
The bans do not only apply to Latin-America's economies; the following countries will be affected by this policy: Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Belarus, North Korea, and Liberia. These cases are all due to interrupted relations with the United States. This contradicts the Chilean law, which goes as follows: "there is no foreign law over the rights of the customer, in the case the product is been acquired by a sale or advertisement". According to this law, the customer has the right to sue Wal-Mart and is encouraged to do so by Chile's National Costumer Service.

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